Post Op Lymphatic Massage

Post-Op Lymphatic Massage Improves Drainage

The retention of lymphatic fluid is a common problem after certain operations. It slows healing, increases swelling, and enhances circulation.

One effective way to control this is to get post-op lymphatic massage. This type of massage helps to move fluid out of areas of retention and out through the lymphatic system. It uses gentle, rhythmic movements that attempt to imitate the natural movements of the lymphatic system, so it works with your body instead of against it. The movements of a manual lymphatic drainage massage are stronger than those of your own body, however, so results are quicker.

Post-op lymphatic massage is often recommended after procedures like liposuction, which would otherwise involve large amounts of bruising and swelling. It is so effective that surgeons recommend them, not just massage centers. This shows that there is plenty of evidence in favor of manual lymphatic drainage massage.

A properly-done lymphatic massage won't hurt. It'll simply move fluid toward the kidneys, which process the liquid like any other fluid. Once processed, the kidneys send the fluid on to the bladder, and you urinate it away.

Since this procedure doesn't involve either incisions or drugs, there are no drawbacks to the patient. You won't have to deal with recovering from an incision or worry about possible side-effects or addictions from drug treatment. Because of this, it is very popular with people who have to control post-operative swelling or want to minimize the bruising that is often associated with cosmetic and other operations.

To get started with post-op lymphatic massage, contact a local therapeutic massage center. In New Jersey, make it Galena Holistic Massage. This center offers a variety of therapeutic massage services, including manual lymphatic drainage massage.