Body Sculpting

Get a Toned Look with Body Sculpting

There's no need for extensive plastic surgery to improve the looks of your body. Body sculpting uses low-frequency ultrasonic waves to melt some of the fat tissue under the skin, which allows a toned look to be created. At Galena Holistic Massage, this is followed by vacuum therapy. This further tones the skin, improves circulation, reduces the appearance of cellulite, and increases metabolism. After this, a radio frequency is used to tighten the skin and reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Finally, laser lipo is done to melt the fat just under the skin, causing a "significant" reduction in your stomach and waist.

With this multi-step procedure, you can see an immediate difference in your appearance. However, it is noted that multiple sessions are needed for the maximum effect. Each session lasts just over an hour. How many are recommended depends on your starting body size and shape.

It is important to note that body sculpting doesn't take the place of serious weight loss. It can make you look more youthful and toned, and even a little bit thinner, but it won't make you drop several clothes sizes. Because of this, it and similar procedures are typically used to tone up a body that is almost, but not quite, at the desired level.

For a combination of better looks and improved health, another option to consider is cupping therapy. When applied to the face, it reduces the appearance of wrinkles, promotes sinus drainage, removes skin impurities, and can accelerate healing after surgery. On the abdomen, it can be used to release scar tissue, help with digestive problems, help with food-related irritation, improve menstrual function, and even help release trapped emotions.

For cupping therapy or body sculpting in New Jersey, contact Galena Holistic Massage.